Independent Marine Surveyor BrazilOn & Off hire surveys:

We inspect the vessels in order to establish the correct bunker quantities and the physical / operational condition of decks, cargo holds / hatch entrances, cargo gears, hull and other structure / equipment on delivery or redelivery of charters.

Other requirements when conducting on/off hire surveys:

• The checking of documents and certificates

• Sometimes the establishment of the cleanliness of the cargo holds

Bunker Quantity Survey (BQS)

We carry out measurements on the bunker tanker and receiving vessel, in order to determine that the quantity registered on Bunker Delivery Note (BDN) was correctly delivered by supplier’s barge.

Draught Survey

This is one of the ways to quantify the total loaded or discharged weight of cargoes. Acting before and after loading/discharging operation, we perform a high standard survey of the vessel, considering every aspect of the displacement as draft readings, ballast condition, sea water density, consumables and calculations, obtaining a reliable result.

Cargo Hold’s Cleanliness Survey

For grains and other sensitive cargoes, it’s of utmost importance to ensure (as early as possible) the suitability condition of the cargo compartments, in order to avoid any potential claim or delay during the official inspection on quayside.

Aware of the involved liabilities, our team is fully able to apply an effective cleanliness inspection of the cargo compartments, taking into consideration (step by step) all the relevant standard requirements.

Hatch Cover Water Tightness:

Additionally to a suitable cargo hold, it’s important that the hatch covers are well maintained and sealed against the sea and weather condition during the sea passage. In order to minimize the circumstantial risks, we perform a hose test and a standard checking of the condition of all hatch components / fittings (rubber gaskets, compression bars, drain channels, etc.)

General Cargo Surveys

Working in the field of marine surveys since 1999, our main surveyors absorbed enough experience along the years to inspect a considerable range of cargoes as vehicles, steel products, paper reels, plywood, heavy lifting, dry bulk / bagged commodities, etc., which are usually requested through services as tally, pre-loading / outturn surveys, stuffing / destuffing of containerized cargoes among others.